Wellingborough Open Archery Club

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About the Club
A sport for the family

Archery is one of the few sporting activities that people of all ages can freely participate in and not be forced into retirement or become a spectator through the normal ageing process. As a sport it can and does appeal to all ages from 8 to 80, +/- a few years either way, whatever their ability, providing they can draw a bow suitable to their style and aspirations.

It is one of a small number of sport activities that allows all family age groups to compete at the same time and at the same venue but within their own class. A typical shooting session will have juniors shooting at distance’s dependant on age, along side the ladies (to a maximum of 70m) and gents (90m). Within these age groups there are a number of separate disciplines based on a different bow class i.e. long bow, recurve, compound etc.

Although archery is an Olympic sport and is highly competitive it is also at the other end of the scale a sociable sport with every conceivable level of participation in between. Participants find their own level whether it is competitive and/or social and can really enjoy themselves in a true and friendly fashion.

So if you looking for an activity that all the family can participate in or even as an individual, come and have a go.

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